Why "scacco matto"? And what is it anyway?!?

"Scacco matto" is the Italian translation for the English word "checkmate". We want to checkmate indifference. Simple as that.
Sometimes, the world out there seems to be a little too busy checking phones and answering to who-the-fuck-is-this-I-don't-want-to-talk-to-you-you-made-my-life-fall-on-me kind of emails to give a little bit of a %$^#
But we can't just let it fall apart...

Areas Of Impact

Walk through life making sure to leave good footprints behind

Provide livestock to needy African families

Right now a child is falling ill because of malnutrition; a father is leaving his family behind to look for work elsewhere and a mother is going without food so her family can eat. By giving them an animal for farming and milking, we will help a family to be more self sustainable.
Send a Cow was born over 25 years ago, when a group of british farmers decided to help Uganda (which was in pieces after the civil war destroyed most of their farming activities) by sending cows of their own herds. Today, Send A Cow continues to help Africa and has extended its reach to many other needy rural areas. We are going to send at least 5 cows!!

Feed & Dress homeless in Slovakia

According to a census of December 2016, there are over 2000 people living on the streets of Bratislava, of which almost 300 are children. In the first 10 days of 2017, the cold weather in Slovakia has claimed four victims. All of them died of hypothermia. They were found in the Bratislava, Trnava, Prešov and Košice Regions. Imagine if it was you...or someone you love.

Mea Culpa is a dormitory for homeless that was established in 2004 and is operated by the University of Health and Social Work in Bratislava. Mea Culpa feeds homeless and give them a place to sleep at night but the number of people it can help is limited to its capacity, leaving many homeless out in the streets. Aside from giving money to Mea Culpa, we also want to understand how we can help homeless people to re-enter in society.

Reduce deforestation in the Amazon

Cool Earth is the charity that works alongside indigenous villages to halt rainforest destruction. Half of the world's rainforest has been lost over the past forty years, with a significant increase between 2008 and 2013. In 2004 alone we have lost over 27000km². We need a new approach.

The approach of CoolEarth is not the "buy new land" or "create a reserve" mindset. Instead, it focuses of putting indigenous back in charge of their land. Thanks to the Mongol Rally, CoolEarth was able to save many acres of rainforest and to protect local life at indigenous villages over the past decade.
This year we will contribute to that too!








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